What Should I Display on My Kitchen Counters?

What Should I Display on My Kitchen Counters?

Knowing how to decorate kitchen counters can be a tough task but with the help of the professionals at Imagine That Boutique the process can become a snap. It can be hard to narrow down the items that would typically be displayed on kitchen counters and that’s where this guide comes into play.

Before getting started, there is just one simple rule that needs to be followed before proceeding. Yes, it is nice to have beautiful items to display on the kitchen counters. On the other hand, the stuff that makes the cut should be equal parts pretty and functional. With that being said, here’s a closer look at the items that will make the most sense for a kitchen countertop.

Labeled Containers

Those who are looking for specialized containers to store their rice, flour, sugar and pasta should rely on labeled containers. This keeps these items from having a chance to spill out onto the countertop and adds a certain amount of aesthetic appeal. As an added bonus, the items in question are able to remain within close reach at all times. It’s a major lifesaver when it comes time to prepare a meal (or even a snack) on the fly.


Candles are an underrated addition to any countertop, for a number of different reasons. For starters, those who are looking to ward off unwanted scents when they are cooking meals will benefit immensely from their presence. The candle should not be rested directly on the countertop, either. There is a wide range of different pedestals that these candles can be perched upon.

Adding a Touch of Green

Green elements are a great way to spice up a kitchen and they can serve as the best type of unexpected design touch. Topiary balls are becoming more and more common. Others may decide to include a glass vase that is filled with green apples as a means of dressing up the room a bit.

Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards always need to remain within close reach and they are the perfect addition to any countertop. Since these cutting boards are being used during the preparation of most meals, it makes sense that a homeowner would want to keep them nearby. A rolling pin and a pizza paddle can also be kept with the wooden cutting board, as these are also items that are utilized regularly.

Vintage Soap/Sponge Container

In most instances, the soap and sponges are kept by the sink, but they do not always have the best container. That’s why it is time to remedy these concerns by placing these items in a vintage-style container. The soap and sponges no longer need to rest on the windowsill or directly on the countertop. The process of cleaning the kitchen becomes much easier in these instances.

Open Shelving

When it comes time to elevate kitchen countertop décor, there is nothing wrong with taking this concept literally. Open shelving is a wonderful way to free up space on the countertop, especially for those who have a smaller kitchen. The more opportunities that a homeowner has to free up counter space, the better.

Coffee Mug Rack and Coffee Canister

For the coffee drinkers out there, this is a key area that needs to be discussed. When there’s already a coffee pot and other coffee-related items present on a countertop, the spacing can get very cramped, very quickly. With a mug rack and canister, it is much easier to get that first cup of java in the morning! It’s the simple things in life.