Our Stores

In addition to our e-commerce store  Imagine That Boutique, you will be happy to know that we also have two brick and mortar clothing boutiques in scenic St. Louis. Guess you didn't imagine that did you? Well, we do, and to top it all, they are fashionably French too-Cape Girardeau and Des Peres. Fancy, right? Talk about, or Google "clothing boutiques in St Louis" or boutiques Cape Girardeau MO, and our two boutiques are most likely to come up.

Cape Girardeau

This shop is located in the worth-visiting West Park Mall. The mall is enclosed, so you needn't worry about the sometimes fickle Missouri weather. On Mondays through to Saturdays, it opens from 10 am -to- 8 pm and on Sundays, from 12pm-to-6 pm. 

Once you enter the mall, please follow the directions-you can't miss us. We stock the same products as on our e-commerce site and more. All our products are geared towards men, children and, of course, the special women in their lives, so bring along boyfriends, hubby and kids. You are all most welcome!  And, if dad, kids or you fail to find what you're looking for at Cape Girardeau, then you are most likely to find it at our other clothing boutique in St Louis, Des Peres.

Des Peres

Our shop is located in the West County Mall and is open from 10am -to-7pm Monday through Wednesday, 10am-to-8pm Thursday through Saturday and from 11am-to-6pm on Sunday. We would have you know that at Des Peres we hand customize almost everything in our store with real Swarovski crystals. Be it your family or wedding picture frames, wall art, home decor, t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, hats, furniture-we do it all!

In addition to customizing with real Swarovski crystals, we also do custom stoning for you!! All you have to do is bring us anything you want. Some bling or razzle-dazzle and we will do it for you-with real Swarovski crystals. Interested? Feel free to ask us for details and pricing... you pick the price you want to spend and we will do it for you! See you when you drop by, till then!!