How Can I Look Stylish in Western Clothes?

How Can I Look Stylish in Western Clothes?

When it comes to western clothes for women, there is no shortage of options to choose from. However, women must also be able to zero in on the styles and motifs that work best for them. It’s not enough to merely chase trends. There is an art of knowing how to style western-themed clothing and The Imagine That Boutique is here to help.

Thanks to this guide, it has never been easier to learn more about how to properly style western clothes. The new fashion frontier has arrived and this guide is here to assist with the navigational process….

Modern Twists On The Classics

There is no rule that says women need to emulate the western styles of old. In fact, there are all sorts of cool modern twists on the classics that are sure to fit in with any wardrobe. Some may decide to add bright colors and/or metallic colors to their western-themed faves. Silk and matte are also great ways to update the classic trends for the modern-day.

Flared Jeans

This style of denim is not always closely associated with western chic, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Women who can appreciate a quality high-rise cowboy boot are sure to love the flared jean. Those who are not looking to pair them with cowboy boots can also grab some platform heels.

Work Ideas

Now that workwear has changed so much, women are able to step outside of the usual norm. Blazers and power suits are great but there are ways to add all sorts of awesome western flair to these common looks. Some may choose to wear colorful cowboy boots, while others may prefer to go with an all-black look.

Southwestern Patterns

The embroidery that is chosen makes a world of difference when deciding between a typical outfit and something that is more western influenced. Southwestern patterns in tonal or colorful thread are a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd. These accents are never going to go out of style, either. There are dresses, tunics, skirts, and tops that come in every possible shade, ensuring total compatibility with the remainder of the wardrobe.

Choosing The Right Styles For Every Body Type

Finding fun western-themed clothing to add to one’s closet is fun, but women must also consider their specific body type. For starters, there are three different categories, which are split in body weight. The ectomorph is mostly skinny, and they struggle to put on weight. The mesomorph, on the other hand, is able to gain or lose weight with ease.

The endomorph gains weight quickly and easily, as they have a slow metabolic rate. It does not matter which of the aforementioned categories that a woman falls into, though. There are additional categories based on shape that will also help to tell the story. Pear-shaped women should be flaunting their upper bodies because this is considered to be their strong point. V necks, cowl necks, bell sleeves and scoop necks are friends to pear-shaped women.

The hourglass body type is easy enough to dress because it is all about flaunting those bodacious curves! V necks, wrap tops and tailored tops all look great. Classic silhouettes are another great way to go. Apple body types will favor A-line silhouettes, relaxed button-ups and V-neck stylish tops. Rectangular body shapes need to adhere to one rule of thumb: keep the volume at the top or on the bottom.

Oversize tops should be paired with structured or fitted bottoms. Form-fitting tops need to be paired with oversize bottoms that are breezier in nature. Lastly, the inverted triangle will want to accentuate their lower half because the hips and waist are narrower than the bust and shoulders. V necks, peplum tops and scoop necks are magical choices for the inverted triangle body shape. Shorter dresses are a great way to highlight the lower body, too.