Guide: Spring/Summer Colors Trends for 2022

Guide: Spring/Summer Colors Trends for 2022

Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and color, gorgeous eye-opening color! The sky is a brilliant blue, the grass is a gorgeous green, and colorful flowers are popping their heads out of the ground.

The spring 2022 fashion trend is following Mother Nature’s lead and showcasing everything color. It's all about mood-boosting, magical colors that will take front and center stage. This is the perfect opportunity to wake up your wardrobe, try new color combinations, and let your individual fashion-savvy shine.

Take a look at spring's top colors and tips to personalize your wardrobe. Imagine Boutique wants to remind you that color makes us happy and happiness never goes out of style. 

Radiant Yellow

Bright sunny canary yellow is like a breath of fresh air that you can wear! Not the buttery beauty from 2021, this shade is brilliant, bright, with a touch of neon. Take it from us, this color is sunglass-wearing worthy and the perfect trend to brighten your mood. Think power suit with a sunny twist.

Soft Lilac 

This is a color that just may become the next classic neutral. It’s a super shade of purple that is subtle with gray undertones. It’s very flattering on just about every fashionista. Combine a soft lilac blouse with your favorite black or dark gray skirt to ease into this trend or go head to toe lilac and create a head-turner for the ages!

Rich Green

This is a color that will rock your look. Whether you call it rich green, Kelly green, or neon green, this is the color that is having a moment in the spring sun. Pop on a fabulous green mini dress, over-the-shoulder maxi, or ease into this trend with a pair of rich green platforms with your favorite black jeans. Whatever you do, go green or go home! Accessories are optional.

Hot Pink

Show your playful, yet powerful side with a color that everyone can appreciate. It’s a perfect shade of magenta and fuchsia that transforms an outfit from ordinary to extraordinarily fabulous. The sky is the limit for this original shade. Dresses? Yes! Jumpsuits? Yes! Tops and bottoms, Yes, Yes! Combine hot pink with other colors like black, green, and blue to bring your personal flair to your personal runway!

Sky Blue

This color is inspired by a clear and clean, cloudless sky. There is nothing better than looking up and taking in this spectacular true-blue view. Blue looks awesome on everyone, so the sky is the limit with your Spring 2022 look. Create your very own fashion-forward look by wearing it with your favorite denim pieces. Better yet, opt for a vintage vibe and wear with bright orange for a yesteryear springtime glam. You can even wear multicolored accessories with breathtaking sky blue…it’s A-OK!

Salted Caramel

Salted caramel is a neutral that is a much sweeter tone than blah khaki and or boring beige. It's a season-less style winner that you will become your closet go-to wear everywhere. It gets two energetic thumbs up for the most formal affair to a more casual gathering and everything in-between. Wear a monochromatic salted caramel look or add a splash of an on-trend color like sky blue or rich green to elevate your spring style.

Citrus Orange

There may not be any words that rhyme with orange, but today’s bright citrusy hue is working it for super spring fashion. This bold and beautiful shade will empower your mood for sure. Own every moment while embracing this colorful look by combing with basic black, softer patterns, or neutral accessories.