6 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

August is just straight "blah" when it comes to holidays. September has boring old Labor Day and (shudder) back to school. But hang in there and Halloween will be here before you know it! A time to let loose, dress up and party! Some people who take their Halloween costumes very seriously might be in the planning stages as early as August, particularly if they go the DIY rout.

Here are six interesting ideas for Halloween costumes that are family and friendly focused.


It's the 20's again! Celebrate the glad rags of the last century that were just the bee's knees! A flapper of the Roaring Twenties would wear a dress that was essentially a slip with some fancy fringe and beadwork. A pair of chunky heels, preferably with a T-strap compliments the outfit. The garter belt is optional, but nude color stockings are best for the evening. Accessorize with a headband decorated with feathers and rhinestones and a long strand of beads. Do your lips in dark red matte lipstick with a Cupid's bow and arch those eyebrows. Anything art deco works.


Here's something for people who like the Loli fashion. You just take a fancy, frilly dress, preferably something with a pinafore, some Mary Janes and rouge up your cheeks a little. If you want to be Raggedy Ann, draw a triangle on your nose in lipstick. A yarn wig and mittens will make you look more like a rag doll. There are novelty contacts that will make your eyes look more doll-like but you can do a similar effect with light pink eyeshadow and white eyeliner. Want to be more scary than cute? Add some stitches, bloodstains and carry a knife or overlarge scissors.


Thor: Love and Thunder was one of many popular superhero movies this year. You can go as the Asgardian heroine Valkyrie, or a variant of it. Wear tight black leather set off with a fluttering blue cape. Leave the heels at home. Valkyrie wears combat boots and is proud of it. Elbow length fingerless gloves pull it all together. Valkyrie can fight unarmed but get a big plastic sword if you can. (You may not be able to legally walk around with the real deal.) Valkyrie's war paint consists of six white stripes going from hairline to eyebrows and two vertical stripes on each cheek.


For a costume that has some gothic eeriness blended with fanciful elegance, try a gargoyle. You can be as fancy or as simplistic as you want with this outfit. Base clothing should be brief and close fitting. You can make claw feet and hands or mix and match from other costumes. Some people go with make-up and body paint that is stone gray, but why not be creative? Maybe glam up your gargoyle with feathers and rhinestones. You can make the wings or do a shortcut and use bat-like wings from a costume shop. Plastic fangs are optional.

Billie Eilish

This 20-year-old already has six Grammy awards! This year, she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for writing the title song for the new James Bond movie No Time to Die. She also has a unique style. Eilish has described her style as "Super-cheap meets fancy." Make it look like the Goodwill box threw up on you. Don't match anything, even your shoes. Wear pants like a shirt. Bright colored hoodies, baggy pants and shorts over tights can do. Black hair with neon green stripes is an iconic look, but she's been experimenting with others. Make-up is minimal. Microphone is optional.

Madeleine Swann

If you want to be sleeker and more elegant, try the new Bond girl from the previously mentioned No Time To Die and Spectre. The only Bond girl to be in two movies! Think blonde Jessica Rabbit minus the opera gloves and in shiny silver instead of sequined scarlet. That's Madeleine Swann. Her floor length satin gown has a cowl back, but it will be enough to have capped sleeves and a boat neck. Your earrings don't have to be real diamonds and silver, but they should sparkle. A Marilyn Monroe wig can replicate her soft blonde curls and make-up should be dewy with brick red lips.

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