10 Funny Socks That Your Dad Will Love!

Socks have come a long way in the past few years. No longer are they a basic item that is unnoticed and underappreciated. Take a look at 10 funny socks with colorful patterns and out-of-the-box prints from Imagine That Boutique that any dad will love.

Daddy Gym Socks 

A basic black and white design takes it to the next sock-style level with gym socks that remind Dad to hit the gym, or not. Comfy for wearing around the house, for mowing the grass, and a slew of other things on his Daddy to-do list too, this pair is a perfect gift. 

Coolest Guy on The Conference Call Socks

This pair of cool-looking socks is an ode to Dad who is a working teleconferencing king. These are stylish brown socks with phone cord-inspired wiggles and a big old thumbs-up cartoon reminding Dad to keep up the good work. 

 Ghostbusters Slime Socks

 "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" is an iconic line from the blockbuster movie, Ghost Busters. There's no doubt that your dad just might have some awesome memories of this pop culture phenomenon hit and would love a pair of bright green slime socks to use as a conversation starter. How about, "who ya gonna call?" for starters. Ghost Busters!

Whiskey Inspired Socks

Does your big daddy enjoy Happy Hour or an occasional nightcap. Is whiskey his pleasure? Remember, it's 5:00 somewhere and our whiskey-inspired socks will make him smile all the way to the bar and back.

Busy Making a Difference Socks

 If your dad is known to use a few curse words in his day, and has a great sense of humor about it, give him a pair of our Busy Making a F'%%#$ Difference Socks. They feature a handsome modern multi-colored, multi-shaped design but on the back of the calf is where the potty talk can be found. 

Still Got It Socks

Bright, cheerful, and colorful our Still Got It Socks remind Dad he is still number one in your book. The best part about this pair is the winking eye on the calf with the statement, "Still Got It!"

Bike Path Socks

 If your daddy-o loves to get out into nature on his bike, this pair of awesome socks will keep him pedaling along in style. Whether he wears them while taking a ride or taking a walk they are the perfect way to shine the light on his love for the sport.

Selective Hearing Specialist Socks

What did you say? If your papa is notorious for only hearing what you don't want him to and not hearing what you do, then these specially designed socks that state, Selective Hearing Specialist will help him hear you loud and clear. That's right. He knows you have his number!

I'm A Golf Guy Socks

 Fore! If golf is your dad's passion in life, and he is out on the golf course every chance he can get, our I'm A Golf Guy socks are a hole-in-one gift idea for him. Of course, they are green and feature golf designs...he'll love them!

 Classic Rock Socks

Does your pop play the air guitar and love rock and roll? Give him a pair of our classic rock socks that are perfect for private jam sessions and karaoke in the car! Jam on, Daddy, jam on!

Give Dad a special pair of socks that will make him chuckle. Order a pair of socks online today!