Nana - 50" x 60" Royal Plush Blanket


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It’s a gift of comfort from the heart. Exquisitely made, soft, and comfy, the Royal Plush Blanket from the Pavilion Gift Company is the perfect present for the most cherished people in your life. Gift it to a beloved individual who’s recuperating. This luxuriously soft blanket from our theme-driven line is as warm and soothing as the heartfelt message it bears. For us at the Pavilion Gift Company, our Royal Plush Blanket is the softest in the world. This get-well gift stands out for these reasons: It's as comforting as a warm, loving embrace during cold nights. Every blanket is made of thick, premium 320 GSM plush polyester, notable for its softness and warmth. Its elegant design is a sincere reminder of how much you care and value your recipient. It communicates your heartfelt sentiment and kind wishes. Straightforward and sincere, these words overflow with meaning that your recipient will appreciate. It comes in a classy, exclusively designed box. Because each item comes in its solely made box, it's gift-ready. You won't have to spend extra time and money on pricey wrapping or DIY services. This benefit makes it more practical and ideal for your hectic lifestyle. Go ahead and remind your loved ones how strong they are for braving through tough times of recovery. Tell them that they’re surrounded with love, care, and support