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REMEMBER Mackenzie Forrest. #33FOREVER



On March 13th, 2016 Mackenzie Forrest tragically lost her life in a car accident. "MAC" #33 an award-winning high school basketball player, always brought Hustle + Heart to the court and to your life. KINDNESS was her core trait. When you wear this band, think of Mac. A portion of your purchase will go towards helping the Gold Crown Foundation, a Colorado non-profit offering youth sports & education programs to nearly 20,000 boys & girls annually. 

We chose the ReFocus bands because we wanted to choose a product we believed in. There is so much negativity in the world and even within our own minds. Mac was the most positive person we knew. Her smile was what most people knew about her, along with her kindness and basketball ability. 

 We chose Hustle + Heart Will Set You Apart because we believe this is what Mac stands for. She worked hard at all she did and oozed passion in her life. Whether it was with her school work or on the court, Mac Hustled to be the best she could be. Remember one has to put some ENERGY (Hustle) in to being who you are.

 Heart stands for her amazing kindness and generosity. She lived her life with love everyday showing it to all she touched. Her family, friends, teammates, classmates, and students at Gold Crown Foundation knew Mac’s heart and felt her love daily. Remember one has to put some KINDNESS (Heart) into every engagement with people.

 We believe that Hustle + Heart Will Set you Apart will not only remind people of our beautiful Mac, but encourage them to go after what they want in life with hard work and passion. 

 We chose the teal and orange for a few reasons. The design reminded us of the Rocky Mountain sunsets that Mac loved so much. Plus, teal was her favorite color and orange was the color of her High school. 

Mac will live on in all of our hearts, we hope that these bands, this motto, and our logo will help people live out Mac’s legacy all over the city, state, and country.

Product Details:

  • Elastic blend material
  • Reversible band
  • Can be stretched to reach desired fit
  • Machine washable

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