Blossom 3 Piece Nail & Lip Set


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  • 3 Piece Gift Set Includes:
  • Mini Scented Cuticle Oil - Rose (0.25 fl. oz. / 7.4 ml)
  • Color-Changing Lip Balm - Pink Flower (3g)
  • Mini Roll-On Lip Gloss - Strawberry (0.1 fl. oz. / 3 ml)

Blossom Scented Cuticle Oil: Floral scents that moisten, soften and condition the cuticle area of the nail. Hydrates flaky and peeling cuticles to restore beauty. Just brush on and let the scented oils penetrate the cuticles.

Blossom Color-Changing Lip Balm: A flower-infused hydrating balm with color-changing technology. Applies clear, then combines with lips' natural PH levels to create your own unique perfect shade of pink.

Blossom Mini Roll-On Lip Gloss: Infused with natural dried flowers and a light, fruity scent with a unique moisturizing forumla that rolls on clear for a subtle shine.